Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December Currently and Some English Stuff :)

Oh wow. I have seriously neglected this blog.
I am literally in survival mode right now 
and just counting down to Christmas Break...
which, by the way, is in 11 days.

So if you haven't check out this book.... you're seriously missing out.
 Our Lit. Leader passed it on to me and we're currently working through Chapter 2:
Express and Reflect.
My students are writing memoirs based on a single event in their life  that really stands out to them.
We're focusing on reflection and figurative language.
Let me just say, from what I have seen so far... my students are doing FANTASTIC!
This book by Kelly Gallagher has some fun writing activities to do with your students for the different modes of writing.

One of the activities is titled
"An Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life."
It stems from this book:
Students use each letter of the alphabet and incorporate thoughts or short phrases for each letter.
Then they add a few sentences to explain their thinking.
I started making one as an example and it was actually relaxing.
My kids took 8 pieces of paper and folded them in half to make a book.
Each page of the book has a letter of the alphabet on them.
It gives my students an opportunity to reflect on their lives thus far.

Such a good read!!
Very interesting! Check it out! :)

Anyway, I'm linking up with Oh Boy 4th Grade
for this month's December Currently.

It's currently my off period and my classes are spending the day in the Library.
With that said... I'm sitting here listening to the peacefullness of the Library...
with a gymnasium right around the corner.

My parents just bought me a Surface Pro 3 to replace my Apple MacBook.
I am in L.O.V.E.!!
It comes with a pen to write with.
And it's just awesome.
I love having a tablet/laptop all in one!!!

I started a PiYo workout yesterday.
I actually joined a challenge group on Facebook for the month of December.
It kicked my butt, but I had a blast doing it.
And the best part?
I didn't feel like death today!
Can't wait for my BeachBody PiYo videos to arrive!

Since I started my healthy eating yesterday,
I can no longer eat my beloved mac 'n cheese.

My head is pounding and my cheerleaders have a basketball game tonight!

We have so much non-healthy food in our house.
This weekend I want to take it all out and donate it.
I figured that's a better idea than just throwing it away!