My Classroom

2014-2015 Classroom Reveal pics!

(View from my desk) I LOVE having my desks in rows.
Small groups just did not work out with this group of kiddos. 

(View from the back corner)
The closets in the corner house all of our supplies and storage containers.
The cart in the corner holds the four laptops I was given.

 (View from the other back corner).
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my bookshelves!
I have five tall ones and four short ones.
The tallest one closest to my desk is for teacher materials.
The rest of the shelves are for student materials and books.

 (View from the door)
My reading corner is one of my favorite spots in the room.
It's super comfy with two chairs, two pillows and some fuzzy rugs.

 My classroom management system.
It's easier for me to just write down student names and check marks
then to have to stop my teaching and reprimand them.

 I have four of these shelves.
Each shelf is for a different class (except for math).
I have students keep all of their supplies (binders, folders, etc.) in the classroom.
It definitely cuts down on locker time.

Finally, my Truman Award Nominee wall.
Students write a "tweet" ( book review) whenever they finish a Truman book.
Students are required to read 4 Truman books a year.
(Just to the right of the board is where I post grades for all classes. :)

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