Friday, July 25, 2014

Five for Friday Linky!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

Today after cheer practice, I spent some serious time working on things in my classroom. 

This first bulletin board is going to be for my Cultural Diversity course I get to teach. The class itself is still a work in progress. As of right now I have the first project and the final project planned. This bulletin board will be the host of our classroom tree. The first couple days of school students will research their culture and answer a few basic questions. They will put their info on a "leaf" which we will add to our tree. Now all I have to do is figure out how to design a tree out of paper. :)

This second bulletin board took me FOREVER to put together. I may be teaching 6th grade, but I am cross-curricular. Everyone else on my grade-level team teaches one subject. This board will be to post our daily agenda, homework, and my point system for classroom management. My lovely friend Hannah shared this wonderful link with me from Teach. Inspire. Change. This is a whole-class behavior system where students can earn seconds towards their time. Their ultimate goal is to reach 15 minutes where they will be allowed to play semi-subject related games. Hopefully this is something I can keep up with and the students will be excited about!

I'm working on some cute t-shirts for my cheerleaders. 
The colors will be slightly different but I'm super excited for them to get them!!!

I just finished reading this book...            Now I'm waiting for this book... to arrive :)
What can I say?? I LOVE a good mystery!

I discovered these beautiful expectation posters  from Lessons With Laughter . I'm debating how I want to display them in my room. I thought about finding some cheap frames to hang them with or some wooden frames from Michaels that I could spray paint and then modge podge on. Ohhhh the ideas!

And finally, it's messages like these that really make me smile :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Meet the Teacher Monday.... uhmm... Wednesday

So I kicked my morning off with some coffee (of course) and cheer practice with my middle school girls. They have come so far and are incredibly fun to work with! The rest of my afternoon will be spent on Instagram and searching Blogs!

Now, I know I may be a few days late but I found this Meet the Teacher Monday linky on The Ordinary to Extraordinary Classroom. Let me start by saying that I know I am not the only one who can not keep their days straight in the summer. And now... I only have 8 days left. :( Teacher meetings start August 1st with our first day being the 12th. Where did my summer go?!

So, here are the rules: 
  • Take the time to respond to the questions/prompts on your blog.
  • Return to The Ordinary to Extraordinary Classroom blog and link up.
  • Check out the blogs of at least two other MTTM participants
  • Have fun!
Meet the Teacher Monday
(or in this case... Wednesday)

1. What's your summer teacher persona? 
  • Slacker Teacher:catching up on every episode of everything you wanted to watch during the school year 
  • Mommy-On-The-Go: consumed with your children's extracurricular activities
  • Summer Fun Teacher:hanging with friends and traveling the world
  • Overachiever Teacher:Making TPT products, preparing your classroom, you never really took a break
I am without a doubt, the Slacker Teacher. I've been catching up on TV series and every book I wanted to read since the beginning of last school year. I've spent the majority of my summer transition from my bed to the couch. Now, I will say that I have spent some time traveling to DC, Annapolis, and Pennsylvania to visit family. I also spent some time of the 4th in St. Louis to catch The Fray performance at Fair St. Louis. So maybe I'm not a total slacker. Most of July has been spent at cheer practice. I've spent a total of two days on school stuff and that was just unpacking my new classroom.

2. It's a sunny day in July. Your schedule is wide open, so you decide to?

Spend the entire day on the couch reading, watching ABC Family, and taking naps on the couch curled up with my furbabies. I'm not a major ourdoorsy person and I burn easily in the sun, so I prefer the beautiful, wonderful air conditioning of my house.

3.What is your favorite summer thirst quencher?

Now normally I would say a good 'ol strawberry daiquiri or a nice route 44 Sonic Slush, but seeing as I have a wedding in a year and my dress has already arrived, I am living off of H20.

4. Where will you be soaking up the summer sun? Have you planned any vacations? 

I spent a good week and a half visiting family in Annapolis, DC, and Pennsylvania. Other than that, I would have loved to have gone to the beach.

5. Any summer reads, professional and personal?

Nothing professional for me. I save that for the school year. Tell the Wolves I'm Home was one of the best books I've read recently. I also knocked out We Were Liars in one night. If you liked Gone Girl , then you should check out We Were Liars. Other than that, I've read quite a few young adult books that will be making an appearance in my classroom library this year.

6. What does your summer TV habits consist of?

Pretty Little Liars, Switched at Birth, The Fosters, Finding Carter, Hell's Kitchen, Party Down South, Girl Meets World, The Strain, Botched, Master Chef, and Tyrant. The fiance and I love to watch a wide-range of things.

7. Favorite Summer song of 2014?

"I'm Ready" by AJR
I'm not sure what it is about this song, but it always makes me smile!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


As I venture out into this world of blogging once again, I realized just how much I enjoyed reading all these wonderful blogs a few summers ago. Please stick with me as I get this blog up and running. I promise it will be great!

On a quick note... Follow my blog on Bloglovin I'm still trying to figure everything out but I was told I need to "claim" my blog on there too.

Have a fantastic day!! I only have two more Tuesdays left of summer! Where did all the time go?

Monday, July 21, 2014

About Me && a Monday Made It

Welcome to my new and improved blog! Don't judge me... I'm currently on the wait list for a super cool new blog design courtesy of Lindsey at Blog Designs with the Teacher in Mind. :) I blogged about two years back but couldn't find the time to keep up with it. So this time, I'm ready to give it another shot.

But first... a little bit about me...

My name is Ashley Dudeck and I'm a 1st year, 6th grade teacher. I've taught 3rd and 4th grade previously but I'm definitely ready for the change! I truly love my job and {almost} everything it entails! Can't say I enjoy all the paperwork too much. HA!

I grew up in St. Louis, MO but later attended Missouri State University for a degree in Elementary Education. This past May I graduated with my Master's degree in K-12 School Administration from Lindenwood University.

I got engaged back in February and am currently planning a wedding which will {hopefully} 
be held in Mexico. Fingers crossed!! :) Here's us :::

A little bit more... I like to do crazy, fun things! I run 5ks {but mostly the fun kind!}, I love to get dressed up, and I love all things glitter and pink!

Finally, I'm a proud mama to three adorable furbabies :) Jenny, Val, and Jazz

Alright! That's enough... for now :) Now, onto today's Monday Made It with 4th Grade Frolics.

First, after cheer practice, I built a bookshelf from Walmart. 5 shelves!! I'm so proud of myself :) :)

Second, I made 14 of these beautiful, glittery bows for my girls! The crafty side of me finally made an appearance this summer. I really love these things and am incredibly surprised they turned out so nice!!

Okay, I think that's enough for now. Check back often for more updates!! I plan to blog about my teaching endeavors, daily fashion, and all things me!