Tuesday, July 22, 2014


As I venture out into this world of blogging once again, I realized just how much I enjoyed reading all these wonderful blogs a few summers ago. Please stick with me as I get this blog up and running. I promise it will be great!

On a quick note... Follow my blog on Bloglovin I'm still trying to figure everything out but I was told I need to "claim" my blog on there too.

Have a fantastic day!! I only have two more Tuesdays left of summer! Where did all the time go?


  1. Okay, OMG. You only have two Tuesdays left of summer vacation? When did summer vacation start for you?

    1. Yes, it is absolutely terrible!!!! We got out the last day of May. I'm switching districts so meetings begin August 1st...which I realized yesterday, that August 1st is NEXT FRIDAY! I'm so sad!