Sunday, August 17, 2014

Long First Week and Some Good Reads

I feel like I have seriously neglected my blog this past week.
My first week teaching 6th grade at a new school literally FLEW by!!
I didn't have time to do anything but survive.
Needless to say... I have lived to see another week of 6th grade.

I'm just about done lesson planning and I feel like I'm actually prepared for this week.
I'll just have to go in early tomorrow and make some copies.
I'm still desperately trying to figure out how to fill (without over-filling) a 45 minute period.
Some days last week I was underplanned... some days overplanned.
I don't adjust well to change so I like when my lesson plans work out perfect....
but as we all know as teachers... that very rarely happens.

Sigh... still waiting on bookshelves that my school ordered for me to arrive.
Until then, I will not be posting a classroom reveal.
And I am DYING to post a reveal. 
I LOVE my classroom this year.
Being put into a classroom with absolutely nothing in it was refreshing.
The past three years I inherited a classroom full of junk.

So, since I can't post a reveal yet, and I had no time for a Monday Made It this week....
I'll post something else.

I've been asked MANY times for a list of my favorite good reads.
Here it is!! 
(Later this week I'll post clothes from my most recent shopping trip!)

Ashley's Favorite Reads
1. Tell the Wolves I'm Home (LOVED this! Totally different than my norm!)
2. I Hunt Killers
3. The Game (the sequel to I Hunt Killers)
4. Delirium trilogy (the ending of the first two made me so mad!!!)
5. Gone series
6. If I Stay
7. The Mortal Instruments
8. Digital Fortress (or anything by Dan Brown)
9. The Testing
10. Maze Runner series
11. Legend series
12. Wonder
13. Ungifted
14. Out of My Mind
15. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
16. The Hunger Games
17. Divergent trilogy

I'm sure there's many, many more I could add... but I just can't come up with them right now!
I'm currently reading Freak the Mighty.


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